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Cribbits is to enhance the spread of blockchain technology and ensure One-click payment for all
transactions at almost free transaction fee.


The Cribbits Blockchain is a decentralized peer to peer payment platform powered by the Script (POW/POS) algorithm with a uniquely self-regulated financial system which affords users, members or participants the opportunity of earning CBB tokens through mining or staking. It is designed to enable transactions that are secure, instant, and cost-saving.

In ensuring that all our participating merchants have full access and rights to our payment portal on their respective e-commerce retail stores, we have gotten an AI program installed that takes charge of all the transactions carried out on the platform automatically.

We have our crypto-currency token wallet, fully integrated and embedded into the E-commerce industry and which is somewhat beneficial to all the participating merchants.

Cribbits is to enhance the spread of blockchain technology globally and ensure One-click payment for all transactions at almost free transaction fee.


  • Cribbits offers an almost free transaction fee for all transactions that take place on the Cribbits platform by using SCRYPT algorithm to eliminate complexity and unnecessary payment chains.
  • Cribbits offers instant confirmation of the transaction to merchants and buyers immediately the transaction is uploaded to Cribbits’ blockchain, unlike others that take 10-15 minutes even up to 24 hours in some worst cases.
  • Cribbits blockchain uses SCRYPT algorithm to eliminate trapping of the fund by fraudsters by providing a safe, secure and instantaneous confirmation of all transactions.
  • Cribbits will offer transparency for the sake of business practices, code management, management of finance, and will also continue to uphold and maintain a high standard of ethical business, honesty, trustworthiness, compliance with the code and conduct of the applicable authorities, rules, and laws.

    Cribbits will make perfect use of Blockchain based KYC procedures to enhance greater reliability and transparency.

    The Cribbits payment gateway ensures all of your transactions especially cross-border transactions are kept privately and totally anonymous.

    Cribbits will change the approach of the transaction with the Cribbits ecosystem making use of our SCRYPT algorithm which enables specific operations to be carried out before being uploaded to the Blockchain.

    With Cribbits, we will make sure all our participating users are in charge of their individual digital asset details. All the wallets and the related private login details will be opened to the holder of the particular wallet only.


    Cribbits has packaged different incentives to Cribbits Token holders. Be a part of our community and earn up to 25% profit on your currency every month.

    Every Owner of Cribbits tokens will receive dividends of up to 25% Per Month based on the amount of Cribbits Coins invested.

    This is in addition to the profit you get from your Cribbits Coins owned every day! Remember, all profits made are tax-free and anonymous, for we are not under the control of any government.

    Cribbits team has a projection growth plan of $8-$10 dollars per token, by the end of the year. Daily Interest will be paid to CBB token holders who borrowed us their CBB token, to finance our business and to secure loans to the miners. Cribbits Team will buy back tokens, which will, in turn, increase the price of our token as well as pay dividend CBB token owners.


    Cribbits’ token secured wallets are powered by the Script (POW/POS) algorithm by the decentralized blockchain. The crypto-wallet of the retailer will be installed on their servers, and it will be made an open source Software.

    In ensuring top-notch security, the private keys for the merchant’s crypto-wallet will be stored and saved on their servers. Moreover, to ensure maximum convenience, a docker image is created with all the vital settings. We make use of Cribbits API to save the keys and make it simple with maximum security.

    We also make use of the two popular types of secured storage platforms: the cold storage for the large amounts and the hot storage for the current transactions. We also connect the hot wallet to the retailer’s extensions such as auditing and CMS using our private API.


    It’s time consuming and difficult to spend most altcoins in the real world, BUT Cribbits tends to address that problem via Issuance of the blue CBB debit card to account holders. Cribbits is taking cryptocurrency to the mass markets. Here are some of the advantages of holding CBB debit card

    • No Annual Fee, ATM Withdrawal Fees Waived for accounts with over 10,000 CBB Tokens
    • It is specially designed to make payment, transactions or exchange on all e-commerce stores.
    • It enables sending and receiving of CBB token within a twinkle of an eye.
    • It is designed with an interface that is easy to use.
    • Cribbits Token Debit Cards are linked to with your e-Wallet to make shopping easy and faster.


    It’s time consuming and difficult to spend most altcoins in the real world, BUT Cribbits tends to address that problem via Issuance of the blue CBB debit card to account holders. Cribbits is taking cryptocurrency to the mass markets. Here are some of the advantages of holding CBB debit card

    • CBB token is a One-click payment for all transactions.
    • All of your transactions are kept privately and entirely anonymous
    • The decentralized currency is never influenced or regulated by any authority or regulatory body.
    • Cribbits enables all cross-border transactions with utmost transparency and transactions are done instantly.
    • Easy detection of fraud attempt by Cribbits’ blockchain powered scrypt algorithm.
    • Almost free transaction fees for all transactions that take place on the Cribbits platform.
    • Dividend payment for CBB token holders.
    • Cribbits is a community-based platform where your opinion counts.


    As a Cribbits token holder, you deserve to earn profits and also voting rights because we want you to be part of the decision making.

    Cribbits is a community-owned Project! Account holders enjoy some privileges to VOTE for the further development of the platform. Decisions to implement changes and improvements will be considered based on the feedback we get from the community, the owners of our Cribbits Currency.

    The Cribbits token is the access key to a community vote and right to influence governance. The more tokens you possess, the higher the voting rights you have to influence decisions.

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    Cribbits Token is planning to open a new bank charter, or acquire an existing bank in an offshore zone. Negotiations are currently underway with a financial institution that has great reputation and all necessary relationships to make international transfers possible. Cribbits Token will operate in Swiss Franc . Most desirable is the acquisition of the existing bank, which has already all of the relationships and correspondent banking relations to transact business internationally.

    Proceeds from the sale of CBS token will be used to fund the pending acquisitions. This will make the CBS coins or tokens accessible to more customers. With the gradual increase in the CBB token sale, the Cribbits platform will be crowned with the responsibility of providing sufficient liquidity for operating and maintaining a highly efficient and decentralized exchange.

    Also, the profit made from the banking activities will be distributed to the CBB token holders in a certain percentage and the profits obtained on the tokens loaned to Cribbits on the Cribbits platform will also be distributed to the participating merchants.


    The Cribbits ICO has started! Only 1,200,000 Available, until supplies last…

    On October 14th, 2019, a transaction was finalized, where Cribbits Team received an investment of 200,000 EURO, in exchange for 500K CBB Tokens, which are, according to the agreement, are locked up for 3 years, until 10/2022

    On November 15, 2019 we are starting the PRE-SALE of CBB Tokens. Only 1,200,000 or less are available, at the price of only 0.0025 ETH per 1 CBB tokens. This is approximately $0.45 for 1 CBB tokens. Act Today! Click Here to Purchase CBB Tokens at Pre-Sale!

    1,200,000 CBB Tokens to be sold at Pre-Sale

    with ETH Contract – 0x3bb08a55f709ED772A340B631Ac6F2D9b753b7cf

    The above ETH contract is the ONLY Official CRIBBITS Contract ID:

    660,000 Tokens or 33% of purchased CBB tokens, will be distributed as BONUSES later, to the same Wallets, that purchased original tokens during Pre-ICO.

    ICO Stage 1

    Will be available for purchase through Crypto Exchanges

    2,500,000 – $0.65 per coin. + 25% in bonuses
    1,875,000 sold, 625,000 distributed as bonuses 15% to purchasers, and up to 7% to affiliates RUNS FOR 10 DAYS OR UNTIL SOLD.
    ICO Stage 2

    Will be available for purchase through Crypto Exchanges

    2,500,000 – $0.95 per coin +15% in bonuses
    (1,700,000 sold, 300,000 distributed as bonuses to purchasers and affiliates RUNS FOR 10 DAYS, or UNTIL SOLD



    Road Map

    June 2014 – October 2016 – Development and Testing of Cribbits Volatility Bot.
    October 2016 – Cribbits runs on our servers in test modes, various improvements and bug fixes are implemented.
    April 2019 – Website and online systems are created, and WhitePapers are finalized…
    October 2019 – Cribbits team raised €200,000 EURO in exchange for 500,000 CBB Tokens, which are to be locked up and not available for trading for 3 years, until 10/2022. Those funds will be used for development of the Cribbits Technology, as well as for the marketing and other
    October 2019 – CBB Tokens Listed and available for trading at the following Crypto Exchanges:
    November 2019 – Official Announcement of Cribbits Token Pre Sale, with a limited quantity of only 1,200,000 CBB Tokens, and with 33% bonus, to be distributed after the pre-sale, to the same wallets,

    Date TBA – 3,575,000 CBB Tokens to be sold at higher prices through Different Crypto Exchanges, the remaining 925,000 will be distributed as bonuses to the original purchasers and affiliates.
    Date TBA – After ICO SALE – In the unlikely event that there are any UNSOLD CBB TOKENS and their Bonuses left, they will be burned and destroyed, after the ICO Sale

    Frequently asked questions

    CribBits is a New Revolutionary and Brilliant cryptocurrency that uses obfuscated TOR to enact transactions in countries where this would otherwise not be possible, is a game changer. TOR Technology powering up this proof of stake crypto token, operates under the guise of TOR, an anonymity network. This is one of the first tokens, to offer FULL TOR Support, unlike Monero and ZCash, we offer fully integrated TOR OBFS4 support with TOR. This facilitates anonymous use even in countries that block TOR. It even Surpassed the privacy claims made by other crypto coins.
    To be able to participate in the CribBits ICO, you need to register an account here at our website CribBits.Com; You will then be notified when you can purchase CBB Tokens during our PRE-ICO and ICO Stages. Once the ICO is announced, you can login into our system, and purchase your amount of CBB Tokens. You will be provided with the Bitcoin payment address, where to send your payment, to receive your CBB Tokens. Alternatively you will be able to purchase CBB Tokens in Ethereum, Litecoin and more than 20 other Crypto Currencies. Please have an outside wallet with your Bitcoins, Ethereums or Litecoins, ready to invest, when the ICO is announced. Please see the TOP 40 LIST of best places to purchase your Bitcoins/Ethereums, which you can deposit into your Secure CribBits Wallet. This transaction takes time, and you need to do this in advance of our ICO, to make sure you are on time.
    Our Quality Assurance and Security Specialists are monitoring the systems 24/7, to better protect against various online threats, however we would like to ask you to do your part. Please secure your accounts on the Cribbits Token Website using the 2 factor authentification feature. NEVER Provide Anyone with your authentification code nor your password form your CribBits Account.
  • At this step, download and install the Google Authentificator app for your phone at Or for your Desktop Computer, download the Authentificator at
  • This step is to write down your Google Authentificator key in a safe place. If you lose your device, or if it stops working, you would be able to reset your access using your key.
  • Scan your QR barcode revealed with a mobile app and enter the Authentication code given by your mobile app in the box and click “Enable button."
  • At this point, your two-factor authentication has been enabled on your account. From now on you will require the code from your app, every time you log in to your CribBits account.
    Please see the chart below to better understand our plans. Fourty five percent will be invested into our Mining operations, as well as our Banking operations. This will provide a powerful cash flow into our organization, and we in turn would be able to sustain paying high dividents to our contributors. Twenty percent of funds will be used to provide a better liquidity on the exchanges. Please review the chart below for more information.
    Absolutely! If you refer someone to our community, who registers, purchases BTA Coins during ICO or after, and earns, you will be rewarded for your efforts! Up to 490,000 Tokens but no more than 7% of total supply, will be used to reward Affiliates, along with various Promoters and others who believe in our system. Please see chart below for more information.
    There is no minimum amount to invest into the CribBits ICO. However, accounts with more than 20,000 CBB Tokens purchased during Pre-ICO and ICO sale, will receive a 2% bonus to their accounts, within 1 week after ICO is over.
    No; there is only 1 account allowed to one person, no exceptions. Do not open multiple accounts for any reasons, such as receiving referrals from your own accounts, or any other reasons. Anyone found breaking this rule will be barred from the system! Because of security reasons, all of the registrations, and activities on the system are monitored 24/7, and there had been already instances where we had to ban and remove users from our system because of breaking this rule. Please respect the rules of our system, and the CribBits Community.
    The minimum amount of withdrawal is 0.01 + a miners fee, which varies at various times. There is no maximum of withdrawal.
    There is no minimum amount of deposit into the CBB system. Contributors may purchase any amount of tokens only during the PRE-ICO and ICO Times, which will be announced by email to all members who signed up online at our website. There is no maximum amount of deposit, however contributors who purchase more than 20,000 CBB Tokens, will receive an additional bonus of 2% in Tokens within 1 week after end of ICO.
    If you invest into the Cribbits Token platform in the early stages, you will receive dividents when they are issued later, as we progress. Profits will be derived from our planned Banking Acitivites as well as mining Data Center, that we plan to open.
    We offer 3 levels of earning for your work of referring other community members to our platform. Level One is your direct referrals, and you will earn 6.5% from the amount of their deposit. Level Two is people who sign up for your referrals, and you will earn 2% from any amount that they had deposited. Level Three are people who sign up under someone else's referral link, and that someone else was referred by you, in that case, you will still receive 0.5% of the amount that they had deposited. When they make a new deposit, you will still receive your commissions from any additional deposits up to 3 levels.
    Once your referral makes a deposit, within 10 business days after the end of ICO, your referral commissions will be added to your account and will be available for withdrawal.
    If you registered without a referral, you had registered directly under CribBits. If you had a referral link, but choose to register without it, we are sorry because we'll be unable to modify who you had registered under.
    When you sign into your dashboard, you can see and copy the referral link to send to your friends; you should also get it in the welcome email as well. There, in the dashboard, you will also see the people who had signed up under your referral link.
    If you had reviewed all of the information on our website, and you still have additional questions, please contact our Support team at [email protected] You will receive a response within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience.


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    Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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